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Pacitan Klayar Coast District

Klayar Coast
It is one object of the superior beach in Pacitan District. The beauty of its beach, waves, and the view from the hill amazing. Condition unspoiled beach and not many visitors who come are the key to the beauty of this beach. Because there is no scattered garbage, and also exotic natural ter eksplor not yet made this beach is still sacred.
Here we will treated to beautiful panorama beach, expanse of trees that are still green, and the extent of the Indian Ocean. Nevertheless, we do not easily reach this location. The reason is the street that has not fully so, and the distance from the center of town. Eiit but make no mistake ...
Even though the streets and damaged a considerable distance away this natural beauty must be seen. Before you reach this beach you will be served without the density rural keasrian ago - traffic. If you have to be aimed at selecting an alternative scene 2. 
You can pay a visit to goa, goa gong Princess and send in the goa area on the way to the beach do. First you straight to the beach. Your second alternative to the hill that is formed from coral just above the beach with the area and left or right of you.
Well hunted Pacitan visit. I guarantee you will not be disappointed, after all it's worth not stop at the hometown of our President.
I'm waiting yes replies and comments. If you need tour guides, travel expenses and hotel tickets, Insyallah I'm happy to help you. 
To know the complete information about klayar please visit the following link,


Tourism sector in Pacitan Regency has enough prospective opportunity to be developed into tourism industry. It will be capable in a tourism competition with the other area or even in the world. This may be reasonable, because the tourism objects have enough immeasurable and have special characteristic. Its value is also can compare with other area.

The tourism expansion is not only can increase the regency’s earnings, but it also can make Pacitan knowable well by the tourists. The investor will get a satisfaction, because Pacitan has its potential region as an investment area with its tourism objects, such as; Gong cave, Tabuhan Cave, Teleng Ria Beach, Srau Beach, Sidomulyo Beach, Banyu Anget Pool, Klayar Beach, etc.



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Ceprotan Ceremony

Ceprotan Ceremony is located in Sekar village, Donorojo District. This ceremony is the tradition activity of Sekar village custom, otherwise it always executed in Dulkangidah month (Javanese Month) friday or monday. This activity meant to memorize a legend of the goddess Sekartaji and Panji Asmorobangun through of "Bersih Desa" activity. Sekar village people hold the purification by throwing young coconuts. First the drama dance of Ki Godek and Dewi Sekartaji, continued by Ceprotan (throwing young coconuts) held by teenagers which consist of two group that throwing each other. At that time there fantastic sight if coconuts water spurting up to the air.

Supporting Facilities For Tourism Supporter
It about 30 minutes from Pacitan city. This area also equipped by hotel for the tourists comfort in visit this tourism object. Hotel is a real vital supporting facilities in Pacitan Regency.

BANYU ANGET (Hot Spring Water)

Banyu Anget or hot spring pool is still save various main special qualities and benefit for health and body fitness. This bath is called "Tirto Husodo" and now have been built two place of bathing, two swimming pool and lodges. It is one of Pacitan tourism objects that come from natural source. There are many tourists have visited this area.

It is not difficult to reach this tourism object area, it can reachable with vehicle of four wheel because it has good road. It is about 15 Km from Pacitan city, precisely in Arjosari district.

Banyu Anget location can reached by car and take about 10 minutes from the city. It is believed to cure man from skin disease. It also equipped with villa, bath room and also washing facility.

Visit Banyu Anget Pool to get fresh body and mind!!

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